Solar Power Facts | Solar alternative energy

Solar power facts tells us that we must adopt and use as much as we can this energy if we want to protect the earth and save the planet.

Solar Power- the next big thing in San Diego!


Target store powered solely by solar energy

Solar power has been one of the most underrated sources of electricity in the world for something that brings an unending supply of power. The use of solar power can cut down on monthly electricity costs by over 50 percent, and because it has a renewable energy source, you can never run out of it.


Target recently broke the record and opened the first-ever Target store powered solely by solar energy in Vista, Ca. This Target store in Vista set the pace for a new wave of appreciation of solar energy in San Diego County and the surrounding areas.



Switch to Solar Energy



Recently more people in Oceanside, Vista, and San Diego have been waking up to the beauty and functionality of solar energy. Apart from reducing your electricity bills completely, solar power helps the environment and increases the resale value of your home by 4%, per a study conducted by Zillow.



Installing rooftop solar panels will continue to be the best move homeowners can make for their homes or rentals. Cheaper electricity bills mean you get to save more money for other essential things around your home. has established itself as the solar powerhouse in Southern California, in the San Diego area specifically. For years, we have changed the story of many and brought better savings and more sustainable homes. Installation of solar batteries and solar panels saves you the trouble of keeping up with the national grid.

Now more than ever, when the world is going through an unsettling phase and national grids across states are either becoming faulty or collapsing, it’s time to switch to solar energy. handle the entire process of making the switch to solar in San Diego! From energy consultation, HOA approval to city permits, installation, and the final step of obtaining (PTO) Permission To Operate from local utilities such as San Diego Gas & Electric.

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