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5 Essential Things to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

Just like a normal scenario in a store, wherein you’re looking for a specific product or equipment, it’s quite hard and time-consuming to go straight ahead to that store without knowing what product type, brand, features and other factors to consider. This also applies to purchasing and installing solar panels for your home or office. So, before you decide to install your solar panels, make sure to understand first its benefits, downsides and other essential factors.

Important Factors to Consider When Installing Solar Panels

If you plan to purchase or invest in some expensive things, such as installing solar panels either for your residential property or business company, you should have a thorough planning and you must consider many factors as they may affect your decision making. Below are some of the essential factors to review when installing solar panels.

1.   Determine if Solar Energy is Beneficial to Your Location.

Since solar panels convert sunlight into solar energy, one of the main factors you should consider is where you are located. Does your place have abundant sunlight or a high average of peak sun hours? If so, then it is worth it to consider installing a solar panel at your rooftop since the more sunlight that your solar panels emit, the more solar energy they’ll generate. If you live in South Carolina or Chicago, you have a high chance of producing abundant solar energy. However, if you are located in the North or Northwest, the lesser solar energy you will produce.

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2.   Check Your Energy Consumption Rate.

Another thing to consider is your energy consumption rate. By checking your average utility bills, you can easily determine how much electricity your household or office needs. Note that every household consumes a different amount of energy, if your consumption is less, a few small solar systems would be sufficient for you. On the other hand, if you have a high energy consumption rate, then you need a large solar panel system size or more panels to suffice your energy needs.

3.   Type of Roof.

Not every solar installer allows to install roof-top solar panel systems on all types of roofs. Installers always check beforehand if your residential or commercial property’s roof can handle the panels. Solar panel systems can last up to 30 years and more, while some rooftops don’t last up to these years, especially if your rooftop is too old. This all means that before you contact a solar installation company, make sure that your roof is in excellent condition, has a good layout and materials before installing panels.

4.   Solar Panel System Cost.

Before considering solar panel installation, you must determine first the overall cost of installing an entire solar panel system. You may ask different solar companies in Chicago or South Carolina for solar panel installation quotes, weigh them and set your budget. Most of the time, the larger the size and high-efficiency rate of a solar panel, the more expensive it is. But you can still get the best deal for a cheaper price. To lessen the overall cost, you may apply for federal tax credits and other local solar incentives.

5.   Choose the Best Solar Installation Company.

If you are residing in Chicago or South Carolina, you can find the best solar installers in the market. Note that the best solar company can provide you with the most reliable and highest-quality solar panels at a very fair price. Aside from that, you should also look for companies that offer good warranties (at least 10 years or more) and have high customer satisfaction.

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Going solar is getting popular nowadays, particularly in commercial companies and even those residential owners are now choosing solar panel systems as their alternative energy sources. However, installing solar panels requires a big budget and considerations as it is comparatively one of the largest investments you can make. So, before start looking for the right solar installer in your area, understand first the basic factors and other considerations.