Solar Power Facts | Solar alternative energy

Solar power facts tells us that we must adopt and use as much as we can this energy if we want to protect the earth and save the planet.

Solar Systems - Energy Savers For Your Home

We all generally knew that the price of electricity is high. But in the future, it will not be reduced, but it will only constantly increasing. Bearing that in mind, we need in the future to think how a household, can be an energy independent or can reduce energy consumption.

Solar systems provide quality and safe use of one of the largest free source of energy – the Sun.The main component of the solar system is certainly the solar collector. Solar collector absorbs energy from the sun, or the sun rays, with whose help they heat the water that can be used as sanitary hot water or for warming water for central heating and heating of swimming pools.

There are two options for installing solar panels, on flat roof and on the slanting roof.

The installation on a flat roof is made like the image shown below, in that the attachment to the roof is made of concrete slabs or on parts of the building, so that the collector and the frame can withstand steel stresses in strong wind.

solar panels on flat roof

Installation on the slanting roof is done in a way that on the spot are made brackets depending on the angle of the roof and the situation in order collector and the frame to be able to withstand steel stresses in strong wind.

panels on slanting roof 

A large part of consumed electricity declines on the section for heating the sanitary hot water regardless of whether it is used in heating systems or used for domestic purposes.

The solar system works in a way that through the collector circulate fluid, which is actually ecological glycol, which allows the system to be durable even at low temperatures in winter. In areas where there are no possibilities of freezing it could be used water as a medium.

When talking about solar energy, we talk about the following:

  • The benefits of using solar energy for receiving hot water
  • Costs, savings and earnings
  • Is that solar system just the right choice for your home?

Benefits of using solar energy

  • Hot water throughout the year
  • The use of a resource that is free for all of us
  • Reducing bills
  • A reduction in presence of carbon
  • Tracking of the trends in the use of hot water

Costs, savings and earnings


The initial investment in solar set and its height, should not afraid you because the same can be restored after a few years and also you will get lower monthly electricity bills. The cost of maintaining the system, unlike other heating systems, is usually very low.

solar system 

A large number of solar systems give you 5-10 year warranty on the product. Once the installer will set the solar system, inspection and maintenance can be done in a certain period. Check that you can do is to see if maybe somewhere system leaks, do you feel any stronger smell, if you get the desired hot water and so on.

The same system is recommended to be more thoroughly examined every 3-7 years. Antifreeze in that time period will need to be supplemented or replaced. The savings and earnings of the system depend on the quality of the system and the material is used, and the habits of the user.

Is that solar system just the right choice for your home?

If we want to answer these questions to ourselves, we should look at these things:

  • Do we have and whether we have used the place with the most sun for the setting of the solar collector?
  • How large we have space available for installation of water heaters or buffers?
  • Are results from the established system is what we expected and demanded?

If you take into account the fact that the use on the solar systems, i.e. life expectancy is around 25 years, these will not require a great math to see the savings that you get if embed a solar system in your home.