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Solar power facts tells us that we must adopt and use as much as we can this energy if we want to protect the earth and save the planet.

Solar Shingles For Modern Sustainable Roofing

Solar Shingles And Some Other Green Options For Modern Sustainable Roofing


Modern exterior - roof 


The roof  is one of the most important parts of any house. It protects from the elements of nature  and provides shelter for the residents of the house.


In America, three quarters of the roofs are covered with asphalt roofing because of its low cost and easy installation. However, the process of production of bituminous roofing materials involves the use of large amounts of oil, which causes the discharge of pollutants into the atmosphere and harming people and the environment.
In addition to problems with bituminous roofing, there is a need to improve the insulation of the entire home and save energy. Therefore, the roofing industry is increasingly turning to sustainable ways of building roofs.


Solar Roof Tiles (Solar Roof Shingles)


solar singles installed


In addition to traditional roofing materials, there is an option for roof to become the top energy source by using solar shingles. Roof shingles are  produced from  solar cells and designed to look like ordinary shingles. The popularity of solar roofs is growing, because in addition to the standard features of a roof  and that is to protect the house, they become a source of energy. The most solar roof system has a shelf life of up to 20 years, and a 5 year warranty. However, they are not suitable for every object. Prior to their appointment should be considered how much object gets sun during the year, how much electricity is used on a daily basis, on which side the roof is and if there are some facilities like tall buildings and trees that block the sunlight.


Our roofs usually are space that is not used, and these shingles can absorb a lot of energy from the sun. Remember that the amount of solar energy that reaches Earth in one day is more than enough for us, so if we can exploit the space on our roof it will also be very positive reflection on reducing the amount of greenhouse gases generated through the use of various fuels to produce energy.


Cool Roofs


Sustainable cool roof


Cool roof technology is based on the use of color and other factors in order to reduce heat transfer from the roof to the building. If the roof has lighter color more of the sun’s light and heat is reflected back into the atmosphere, and the opposite is if it was darker.

Cool roof technology involves the use of various coatings with a strong reflective properties. Approximately 50% of sunlight is in the near-infrared part of the spectrum, and many coatings are very good in the reflection of the light.


Cool roofs can reduce energy consumption for cooling and increase your comfort level. Average cost savings of cooling ranges from 7 to 15%. When people want to make their home green, cool roof will not be the first thing that comes into their heads. However, some building standards for green building also evaluate the implementation of cool roof.


Green Roofs


Sustainable Green Roof 


Green roofs are roof systems that are partially or completely covered with soil and vegetation. They provide excellent insulation property, help in the absorption of rain water and are habitat for many animal species. Compared to other roof systems, this system is the most environmentally friendly.


Green roofs filter pollutants and carbon dioxide from the air, which helps prevent respiratory system diseases such as asthma. More recently they have become very popular because they significantly reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling of buildings.


Green roofs significantly alter the temperature of the roof and the air around it, unlike a standard roof  which in the summer can reach temperatures up to 80oC. In addition, they are extending the life of the roof and raise the selling price of the object on which they are located.


So at the end we can say that If we have an available and  green saving money method, why not to choose it? There is no reason to spend extra money on electricity bills, rather than to bet on solar roof tiles!


We must have in mind that using these green options for our roofing solutions  we also contribute in improving of our future and future of our children and we can say that solar shingles and other mentioned solutions look much more interesting than boring ordinary tiles that already have only one purpose.