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Solar power facts tells us that we must adopt and use as much as we can this energy if we want to protect the earth and save the planet.

Recycling of Photovoltaic Modules

A growing number of manufactured and installed solar photovoltaic systems not only here but around the world becomes happy news, but on the other hand the question is what to do with these devices when they pass the age of use, or if due to malfunction become unfit for use?

Solar PV moduleFirst let we see from what these photovoltaic modules are composed of . These devices contain materials such as glass, aluminum, silicon, gallium and selenium, which can be used. The photovoltaic modules can be used for 25 years, and the first major installations are placed in the nineties of the last century, so the first large quantities of used modules will appear for about ten years.


In the European Union, the recycling of photovoltaic modules is determined by the Association PV CYCLE. The main task of this association is requiring that the industry that produces photovoltaic modules to organize the purchase and recycling at the end of their lifespan.

RecyclePV CYCLE is funded by the European manufacturers of photovoltaic modules as well as the importers of these products. Since 2007 when it began operations, number of members has grown from the initial 27 to 236 members in 2011. So far, the association claimed more than 5,000 tons of worn components. PV CYCLE collects modules in all EU Member States as well as countries that are not members of this union such as Switzerland, Iceland and Norway.

In case of smaller amounts of photovoltaic modules, the practice of PV CYCLE is a reference to local purchasers of these modules. All purchasers of these products can be found on the website of the association In case of larger quantities, then the association comes directly in contact to arrange for the collection schedule and one of the partners of the association comes to collect the modules.